2019 Annual Report

Building for the future

Westside Foundation

The Westside Foundation provides student scholarships, classroom grants, facilities improvements and support for Westside Community Schools when tax dollars are not available. Supporters and donors include alumni, district residents, businesses, teachers, staff, parents and friends — most from within district boundaries and the metropolitan area but many from across the state, and around the nation, too. They all share a common belief that a strong public education is essential to the quality of life and the future well-being of our community.


was invested this year, which helped the district in receiving a Personalized Learning Innovation grant from Nebraska’s Innovation Grant Program, totaling $483,000 per year for two years.

was contributed by donors to continue offering a music and voice lesson fund for students.

was donated to fund Outdoor Education for all of our sixth grade students.

was donated for ACT preparation for students

was invested in professional development for district teachers to receive continued education.

In 2019, more than $2.7 million was invested in Westside Community Schools in support of students, teachers and facilities!


Robert Adams Memorial Scholarship
Megan Albers

Shelly Graves
Meghan Martin
Sherry Webber

Dick Lundquist Excellence in Teaching Award
Jordan Klepfer

Harley Schrager Outstanding Coach Award
Theresa Gosnell
Justin Haberman

Phillip and Terri Schrager Distinguished Teacher Award
Tyler Foster
Winter Heuertz

Westside Foundation UNO Staff Scholarship
Alexa Marshall
Jack Sortino
Tonja Sullivan
Gillian Tvrdik

Classified Secretarial/ Assistant/Building Service Winners
Raydell Cordell
Julie Cramer
Jamie Jank
Brittany Jolkowski
Kris Klein
Toni Diblasi-Leibel
Denise Millard
Joyce Saner
Astuti Suwondo
Jack Ulanowski


Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents
  Total Current Assets


Assets Limited as to Use:
Restricted Cash
Restricted Investments
  Total Assets Limited as to Use


Property, Plant, and Equipment:
Land and Building
Equipment - Early Childhood
Construction in Progress

Less - Accumulated Depreciation
  Total Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net
  Total Assets


Liabilities and Net Assets

Current Liabilities
Accrued Benefits

Net Assets
Without Donor Restrictions
With Donor Restructions
  Total Net Assets
  Total Liabilities and Net Assets






On Oct. 3, 2019, Westside High School was in the national spotlight. With industry publications across the country watching, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (’82) stood in front of the new Westside Welding, Fabrication and Manufacturing Lab and declared October Manufacturing Month across the state. 

“Industries nationwide are in dire need of qualified, talented trades workers,” said Tyler Owen (’90) of Owen Industries. Owen was one of 44 supporters, many of them connected to Westside in one way or another, who invested in the $1.2 million facility that offers state-of the-art equipment and training for students interested in vocational education. “This facility will provide top instruction and opportunity for our future workforce,” said Owen. “We are investing in a new generation of engineers, welders and industry experts who we hope join our Nebraska- and Iowa-based companies and economy.”

“It’s important for students, parents and teachers to understand the benefit technical education provides and have the opportunity to explore potential careers with hands-on experience prior to graduating high school,” said Scott Moore, Union Pacific’s senior vice president-corporate relations, chief administrative officer and Union Pacific Foundation president. 

The Westside High School Welding, Fabrication and Manufacturing Lab provides 2,500 square feet of space devoted to trades instruction. Students also have access to mentorships, apprenticeships and handson experience through strategic partnerships with local companies, many of which were represented at the steel-cutting ceremony to tour the lab. The facility has since been featured by both Omaha Public Power District and Union Pacific’s corporate publications and national trade publications The Fabricator and SS Journal. 

“My hope is that the Omaha business community can hold Westside up as a model school example for what others should be doing for workforce development,” said another project donor.

Westside Welding Instructor John Bombac and Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (‘82) at the steel-cutting ceremony.

“This facility will provide top instruction and opportunity for our future workforce.”
- Tyler Owen of Owen Industries


Airgas, Inc.

Aksarben Foundation

American National Bank



BVH Architecture

Ann and Dennis Christiansen


Employee Owners of Drake-Williams Steel

Robert B. Daugherty Foundation

Elliott Equipment Company


Hamann Family Fund

Kayla and Chris Hawkins

Cindy and Scott Heider

Randy and Karen Horn

Kiewit Corporation

The Lozier Foundation


Mechanical Contractors Asssociation of Omaha

Metropolitan Community College

Miller Electric Company

Miller Electric Mfg Co

Nebraska Department of Labor - Nebraska Worker Training Program

Omaha Custom Manufacturing

Omaha Track

Owen Industries / PVS

Tyler and Lisa Owen

Kristen and Jason Papenfuss

Prairie Construction Company

Prairie Mechanical

Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation

Sheet Metal Workers Local 3

Sherwin Williams

Steamfitters and Plumbers Local 464

Kaye Travnicek

Union Mechanical Industry

Union Pacific Railroad

Vrana Construction

W Club Members

CL Werner Foundation

Westside Foundation

Dave and Susan (Darst) Williams

Hugh and Mary Jean Williams (In memory of Mike Williams)



Westside High School is excited to announce a new secure entrance and welcome center will be open in spring 2020. This will enable the high school to provide the same level of access control as other schools in the district and city. Additionally, this space will provide a single entry point serving as a welcome center for visitors looking to learn more about the district and/or the high school. This project would not have been possible without the guidance and support of one of our own alums, Robert B. Sturm (’77). Please be on the lookout for the dedication ceremony in spring. We are truly excited to announce that the new space will be named the Robert B. Sturm (Class of 1977) Entrance and Welcome Center.


The Westside Golf Training Center is a project that has been in discussion for months, and it was realized that an unused space at the school could be absolutely perfect for its installation. This project will be the first of its kind in Nebraska (and the Midwest) with dedicated space for a golf simulator and a chipping and putting area. Additionally, growing the game of golf has always been a priority within the golf industry, and now Westside will be doing its part with kids across our district. Most important, this project will enable Westside to showcase our great history of girls and boys golf. What better way to highlight former players, coaches and the programs’ successes than with photos, quotes, stories and the Warrior brand throughout the space. The project is off to a great start with over $80,000 committed toward the project.


The Warrior Enterprise Fund is a first-of-its-kind seed fund aimed at helping Westside High School students turn their business ideas into sustainable startups. The School of Entrepreneurial Thinking has been in existence for two years and the program has been instrumental in establishing a curriculum that helps students take an idea on paper to reality, usually over the course of a school year. Moving the idea from paper to existence requires students to have access to seed capital in addition to mentorship. The Westside Foundation is excited to partner with local businesses and alumni on this program by establishing the Warrior Enterprise Fund with a goal of raising $100,000 of seed capital. In addition to funding support, the program is also looking for mentors willing to work with students on all facets of their business ventures (strategic planning, finance, investment, operations, marketing, etc.).

If interested in learning more about these projects or other initiatives supporting students and teachers, please contact us at 402-390-2133/westside.foundation@westside66.net


American National Bank Business Scholarship
Elizabeth Robinson

Ben Silverstein Memorial Scholarship
Margot Ruff

Blake Schuler Scholarship
Brandon McMiller

Blazek Family Scholarship
Nathan Wolf

Bodhan Koszweski Scholarship
Sumayo Isse

C.S. Perry Teacher Scholarship
Elyse Bartek
Brianna Miller

Carla Beardmore Harding Memorial Scholarship
Savanna Rose Wiseman

Emil F. Vohoska Journalism Scholarship
Brandon McMiller

Fran Carr Memorial Scholarship
Bram Sullivan
Savanna Rose Wiseman

Fred Korcek Scholarship
Ashley Rogers

Gary Ohm Westgate Scholarship
Elijah Gifford

Glen L. Spaulding Scholarship
Alaina Mann

Rod Howe/Karnes Journalism Scholarship
De’Andre Hill

Jennifer Leigh Sayre Vocal Music Scholarship
Brandon McMiller

John P. Young Paddock Road Scholarship
Elizabeth Robinson

John Hamilton Memorial Scholarship
Tatenda Chivero

John L. Hoich Paddock Road Scholarship
Savanna Rose Wiseman

Joseph & Marjorie Moore Performing Arts Scholarship
Elizabeth Watkins

Lois Lucas Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Thomas

Lois Veach Culinary Arts Scholarship
Hannah Robinson

Lou Miloni Scholarship
Nolan Miller-Johnson

Masterson Scholar/Athlete Scholarship
Cade Jochum
Ryley Nolin

Michael C. Williams Business Scholarship
Sawyer Barnhart
Barbara Whitlow

Mundy Family Journalism Scholarship
Saunders Cohen

Richard & Helen Kelley Scholarship
Tatenda Chivero

UNO Cooperating Teacher Scholarship
Ashley Rogers

Vickie & John Hallett UNL Scholarship
Ethan Forcade

W Club for Excellence Scholarship
Ethan Goldner
Neha Khalid

Westside Connection Scholarship
J.T. Bergman

Westside High Eagle Scout Scholarship
Bram Sullivan

Willsie Cap and Gown Scholarship
Erik Henry
Sumayo Isse

Christy & Joe Ziskey Scholarship
Alexander Miller

$42,750 Awarded through scholarships in 2019

Legacy 66 is a giving society for individuals who support Westside Community Schools with a planned gift. Since 1974, the Westside Foundation has worked with thousands of alumni and friends of Westside Community Schools and District 66 in supporting this great district through scholarships, campaign projects, specific program initiatives and events. Legacy66 specifically recognizes those who support the district through a planned gift. By establishing a planned gift to benefit District 66, you demonstrate your commitment to education and the future of our great district. Thank you in advance for supporting the future of education and our district’s outstanding students and teachers. If you have already included Westside Community Schools in your estate plans, please let us know so we can properly designate your funds toward your specific interest. If interested, we would also like to properly recognize you and/or family as a Legacy 66 member. Please contact the Westside Foundation for more information: 402-390-2133 or westside.foundation@westside66.net.


gratitude from Superintendent Mike Lucas for the Foundation and what they do for us:

Simply put, the Westside Foundation is amazing. The support they provide Westside Community Schools makes a difference every single day. We are so fortunate to be part of an organization that values all children and the growing needs of an urban school district like District 66.

The Westside Foundation is a tremendous partner that allows us to continue to push to become better and better. Our students need us more than ever. Westside Community Schools was founded in 1947 on the principles of innovation, community and excellence. A lot has changed in the decades since but our commitment to these founding pillars will never wane. We will always be proud of our rich history and the traditions, support and people that have made, and continue to make, Westside such a special place. Together, with the Foundation, we can ensure our future is bright for decades to come!



Disney Kids musical productions have been alive at Loveland Elementary School since 2016. Disney Kids is a free program offered to a limited number of schools each year. Loveland has since created a musical theater program that combines all the art forms and provides an engaging opportunity for young students to work onstage or behind the scenes. The theater program has helped foster creativity, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, empathy and much more.

The Westside Foundation helped support our theater program by purchasing wireless microphones for the productions. The microphones have allowed our performances to soar to the next level, with audience members able to hear all the students during the productions. The microphones also have helped our backstage crew with creating the best sound production possible.

The productions have brought out many impressive talents and have showcased the students’ willingness to dive in and collaborate toward a shared vision.


Teachers know that to create a love of reading requires student choice and ownership in their reading selections. Book Trust is a program designed to help low-income communities do just that! Through a grant from the United Way, and support from the Westside Foundation, Westgate kindergartners through third-grade students select $7 worth of books monthly through Scholastic. These books are then taken home to enjoy with the youth’s family and create long-lasting libraries at home. Research has shown that children are more likely to read books that they choose, and having text at home is impactful in building healthy reading habits. Third-grader Sarah Mejia-Trinidad, who is in her fourth year of the program, said “Book Trust helps me read and find books at my level. I like picking my own books that are interesting to me. My baby brother uses my old kindergarten books and I help him read them.” Book Trust has had a tremendous impact on current and future Westgate Gators!


Through grants and donations, the Garden Club continues to offer elementary students a variety of experiences in gardening, cooking, caring for the environment and making wise nutritional choices. Garden Club meetings involve cooking or food preparation. The club makes snacks and entrees using vegetables from the school garden. The Westside Foundation grant allows for the purchase of planting and craft supplies and groceries. A favorite club activity is choosing from a large selection of herbs and spices, many of which participants have never seen before, to make their own healthy dips and hummus.

During harvest time, the club uses vegetables from the garden as well as vegetables students bring in. In winter, the club uses the garden’s harvested, blanched and frozen tomatoes. When the supply is depleted, vegetables are purchased.

This innovation grant helped purchase last year’s seeds and plants. It also funded vegetable replanting after the hail wiped out the garden! This grant, combined with others, has allowed the club to maintain the garden.


April Hoffman’s and Stacy Schnauber’s kindergartners got their own personal pumpkin patch experience right in the garden of Westgate! A Westside Foundation grant funded the purchase of pumpkins for both classes and offered a unique hands-on experience for students. The kids learned about cultivation and life cycle of a pumpkin, from seed to fruit. After picking their pumpkins, students had the opportunity to paint them. The special event also was used for a personal narrative assignment to strengthen writing skills. Students have reflected on this being one of their favorite memories from the year!


The Westside outdoor education program is a two-day, one-evening program. The objectives of the program are to develop educational, social, cultural and recreational experiences for our learners at the sixth- grade level. During the outdoor education experience, students have an opportunity to develop an awareness of conserving our natural resources, experience scientific understandings and recognize that all things in nature constantly change. The outdoor education experience allows our students to develop relationships between student peers, counselors and educators while experiencing aspects of nature in a setting at Platte River State Park, just west of Louisville, Nebraska.

During this unique experience, students spend an hour at each of nine instructional areas in the span of two days. Students are divided into instructional groups where they experience owl pellet dissection, team building, nature hike/ecology/global positioning, fishing, canoeing, tower study, archery and horsemanship. Certified teaching staff and student counselors from Westside High School oversee cabin responsibilities during the overnight stay at the park. Overnight security and shuttle bus transportation at the park are hired by the district for the safety of students and counselors. On behalf of all students and staff, we appreciate the funding from the Westside Foundation. Without your support, this wonderful student learning experience would not be possible.

The W Club was created in 2016 to help support the K-12 students and teachers of District 66 by providing funding for programs that further excellence and enhance collaboration. In just four short years, over $320,000 has been invested through the W Club! Thanks to all for their past support.

We are excited to announce that the following areas will be supported by the 2019 W Club funds: high school expansion project, academic scholarships, kids in poverty, nutrition, technology, athletics, health exercise, District 66 culture, STEAM education, student recognition and career exploration. A full recap of the W Club projects are highlighted on our website (www.wcsfoundation66.org) and in the 2020 W Club brochure that you will be receiving in June.

Please note, the W Club Campaign kicks off in May and you will be receiving membership in the mail then. You will have the opportunity to join the W Club campaign through December 2020. If you wish to join the W Club today, please contact 402-390-2133 or use the donation form found in this annual report.


Thank You For Your Support

Hall of Fame
Carolyn and Brian Halla*
Bruce Lauritzen*
Kristen and Jason Papenfuss*

Meg and Nate Dodge*
Maren and Tom Hood*
Patty and C.L. Landen*
Emily and Clark Lauritzen*
Robert Matejka
Michael Staenberg*
Vrana and Son Co

Cindy and Mogens Bay*
Bekins Foundation*
Rick Berkshire*
Nick Bermel
Scott Carlson*
Cathie Conley*
Susan and Bill Cutler*
Friedland Foundation*
Dan Hamann*
Cindy and Pete Hanley
Kayla and Chris Hawkins*
Cindy and Scott Heider*
Karen and Randy Horn*
Pam and Bernie Inbody
Wende and John Kotouc*
Jackie and Terry Kroeger*
Ron Nebbia*
Barbara Nelson
Jessie and Dean Rasmussen*
Lisa and DJ Rezac*
Carissa and Tony Schrager
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Angie and Bill Thorell*
June and Cory Wedergren*
Sarah and Adam Yale

Katie and Ryan Anglim*
Peter Billmeyer
Shannon and Brian Boerner*
Bonnett Family*
Esther Brabec*
Ann and Dennis Christiansen*
Stephanie and David Cota*
Mitch Cubrich
Kristi and Mark Frei*
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Amy and Terry Hanna*
Cathy and Ron Hinckley*
Dean Jacobsen
Channing Johnson
Amy and John Kampfe*
Kris and Dave Karnes
Laurie and Dan Kemp
Sarah and Beau Konigsberg*
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Sarah Porter*
Amy and Matt Schuman*
Todd Simon
Amy and Scott Sladovnik
Rebecca and Rory Sudbeck*
Maureen and Bob Toy*
Linda and Ron Wax*


A.J. Beauregard*
Heidi and Gary Bliss*
Beth and Matt Breunsbach*
Crystal and Brian Brislen*
Deb and Sam Brower*
Phyllis and Norm Choat*
Susanne Cook*
Barb and Art Denney
Charles Ellwein
Paul Epstein*
Lynn and Ed Fleming*

Lynne Friedel Gellman*
Whitney and Dave Goldner*
Andrea and Rao Gutta
Cathy and Steve Haney*
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Jan and John Hansen
Marilyn and Robert Henderson*
Katie and Doug Henningsen*
Michael Herman
Chrisi and John Hughes*
Laura and John Iliff*
William Jetter
Sally and Ken Kampfe*
Nicole and Rick Kelley*
Kevin Kerr*
Gary Kinloch*
Janet and Mike Kroeger*
Wendi and Scott Kroeger*
Beth and Grant Leach*
Cathy and Rick MacInnes*
Kelley and Thomas Maxwell*
Carrie and Ed May*
Chris McGowan
Dan McPhail*
Tammi and Vic Monson
Sandy and Dave Parker*
Melissa and Pat Regan*
Teresa and Dave Rogers*
Amie and Bill Schellpeper*
Jessica and Andy Shefsky
Sheri and Bob Shonka*
Erin and Justin Siebler*
Amanda and Derek Smith*
Patty and Fred Suarez*
Athene Tenney*
Samantha and Andrew Wahl*
Kim and Josh Weiss*
Valerie and Ken West*
Nancy and Warren Whitted*
Kim and Mike Williams*
Steven Williams*
Lareeni and Walter Wood*
James Woodland*
Jennifer and Rob Zatechka*


Rheta and Carl Adrian*
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Kathryn and David Anderson*
Emily Bannick
Susan and Martin Barnhart*
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Kari and Doug Krenzer*
Janet and William Kroeger
Sharon and Richard Krueger*
Liesl and Mike Lucas
Jeanne and David Lutz
Tom Mariucci*
Jean and Mick McCarthy*
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Laurie and Paul Meyers*
Laura Havelka Miller*
Bobbie and Bruce Moore*
Mary and Larry Morrissey*
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Stacy Ashley and Mike Murphy
Debralee Nelson*
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Carla and Gary Ohm
Tiffany and Jay Opperman*
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Joy and Gordon Watanabe*
Laura Watts
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Brea Woodson*
Woodward Family Foundation*
Brian Worrall*
Kathe Yakus

Sarah and John Young*
Christy and Joe Ziskey


Louise and Mark Allen
Nancy and David Anderson*
Cheri and Paul Andrews*
Tanin Arkfeld*
Arnie Ban
Ann and Tom Berry*
David Boyer
Rachel Javitch Canfield
Angel and David Carl*
Traci and Brad Copple
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Mary Jo Losen Greenup*
Sigrid and Eric Gustafson*
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Jenny and Scott Meyerson
Faye and Kevin Nelson
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Schrager Foundation
Andrea and Mike Siegel
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Karen and Bob Sundell
Robert Sutton
Mindee and Eric Swanson*
Meagan VanGelder*
Jan and Tony Villotta*
Elizabeth Ward
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Warren Whitted III
Fran Witt*
Lisa Worrall
Debra Young*

Red & Black

Ricky Anderson*
James Armitage*
Betty Birzer
Matthew Burke
Gary Chasen*
Kathy Claffey
Susan and Kirby Clarke
Stephen Dickinson*
William Eilers*
Kjirsten Jessen Finnegan*
Matthew Focht*
Alison Fox*
Jennifer Glazer*
Michael Goodman
Richard Hankins
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Gail and Vern Krenzer
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Sally Stalnaker*
Patricia Stillmock*
Linda Stroud*
Christine Tucker*
Martin Wasiak
Janett Wist

*Renewal Member
We apologize for any omissions due to printing deadlines


Alumni District 66 residents and friends have supported Westside Community Schools through their estate. Please contact us at 402-390-2133 to learn more about options for making a planned gift.


Over 500 guests attended VI-VI 2019 ready to “Believe in the Magic”! The record-breaking crowd gathered at the CHI Health Center in downtown Omaha on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019, and helped to raise over $273,000 for Westside students and teachers.

VI-VI’s cocktail hour featured a silent auction packed with fabulous items. Magician Ryan Chandler entertained guests prior to the delicious dinner of grilled beef fillet, chicken breast with pesto cream, vegetable medley with roasted potatoes and caramel apple cheesecake and red velvet cake for dessert. A spirited live auction was the highlight of the evening with Westside alum Andy Liakos (’94) serving as emcee and auctioneer.

The proceeds from the event support student success through annual grants and collaborative initiatives at Westside schools.

Joy and Gordon Watanabe were the honorary chairs of VI-VI 2019, and the chairs were sisters and alumni Kelly (Schnauber ’94) and Kevin Buscher, Kim (Schnauber ’97) and Matt Pape and Stacey Schnauber (’98).

A Record $273,000 Rasied!

Liesl and Mike Lucas

Kelly (Schnauber '94) Buscher, Stacey Schnauber ('98), Kim (Schnauber '97) Pape

Joy and Gordon Watanabe

Jackie and Terry Kroeger ('80)

Annie and Ken Bird ('66)

Photo Credits: Deb Kaplan



Dr. C.C. & Mabel L Criss Memorial Foundation Anonymous Anonymous


Parker Family Foundation Joy and Gordon Watanabe and Family


Sarah & Adam Yale



Leslie and Dave Andersen
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Robert H. Storz Foundation
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Westside Middle School
Kim and Mike Williams


Amber Futhey
Loveland Community Club
Oakdale Community Club
Rockbrook Community Club
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Westbrook Community Club
Westgate Community Club


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Aksarben Nails
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On Sept. 4, 2019, the Westside Early Childhood Centers opened their ninth early childhood center. The new center is called Pacific Heights and is in the lower level of the Coram Deo Church at 8787 Pacific St. Kaycee Meister is the Pacific Heights site director. There are currently 40 children enrolled. This center provides programming for children 3 to 5 years old. One unique feature of Pacific Heights is the proximity to Westside High School. As this center grows and establishes itself in the community, our goal is to develop a working relationship with the high school. We have already worked together to provide high school students opportunities to come and volunteer in the center. Our hope is to continue to foster this relationship. This year Pacific Heights worked with families to collect donations and delivered “Sunshine Baskets” to local businesses. Pacific Heights is excited to see what next year will bring!

Student in a large group practicing Second Step listening skills during story time

Paws for Friendship therapy dog Tess visits our learners once a month to listen to them read; she helps boost their confidence and supports their love for reading

WHS students created stations and played games with learners to assess different skills




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