2020 Annual Report

Westside Foundation

The Westside Foundation provides student scholarships, classroom grants, facilities improvements and support for Westside Community Schools when tax dollars are not available. Supporters and donors include alumni, district residents, businesses, teachers, staff, parents and friends — most from within district boundaries and the metropolitan area but many from across the state, and around the nation, too. They all share a common belief that a strong public education is essential to the quality of life and the future well-being of our community.


Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Investments   Total Current Assets $315,807 $27,069 $1,722,355 $913,635 $1,193,561 $2,107,196
Assets Limited as to Use: Restricted Cash Restricted Investments   Total Assets Limited as to Use $876,975 $657,095 $1,534,070 $690,192 $561,689 $1,251,881
Property, Plant, and Equipment: Land and Building Equipment - Early Childhood Construction in Progress Less - Accumulated Depreciation   Total Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net   Total Assets $1,337,409 $275,905 -- $1,613,314 ($599,703) $1,013,611 $4,270,036 $597,171 $275,905 -- $956,441 ($561,174) $395,267 $3,754,344
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current Liabilities Accrued Benefits Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions With Donor Restrictions   Total Net Assets   Total Liabilities and Net Assets $10,964 $1,886,423 $1,520,288 $3,406,711 $4,270,036 $14,001 $2,502,244 $1,238,099 $3,740,343 $3,754,344



Whether you are in the Class of 2021 or the Class of 1971, you are in for a treat at Westside High School upon walking up to the school and through the front doors: a new and safer entrance made possible by WHS alum Robert B. Sturm, Class of 1977.

Sturm, investor and noted philanthropist, spent much of his childhood in District 66. He attended Loveland Elementary School, Arbor Heights Junior High and Westside High School. Sturm recalled his first years at Loveland, when his parents were advised to test him for special education services. Sturm would later learn he had Asperger’s syndrome on the autism spectrum in addition to a learning disability, neither of which were properly diagnosed. His mother, Mickey (Stern) Sturm, fought for her son and gained the support of Superintendent Vaughn Phelps. Sturm began working with a tutor and remained with his peers in a traditional classroom. His positive experiences continued at Westside High, as he was mentored by educators like LaNeta Carlock, his homeroom teacher, and Dr. Jim Tangdall, his principal.

“LaNeta Carlock was a good teacher, and like my second mother,” said Sturm. “Dr. Jim Tangdall was a good administrator. I remember the good days of Vaughn Phelps; he was a great man and a great superintendent.”

Before After Welcome Center

Sturm went on to earn two degrees from the University of Nebraska Omaha and embarked on a successful career in commercial investments. He has often shared his success with his hometown of Omaha by donatingRobert B. Sturm, Class of 1977 to multiple projects and endowment funds. His generous gift to the Westside Foundation enabled Westside Community Schools to invest in a new main entrance at Westside High School, requiring all guests and visitors to enter through multiple locked doors before being permitted into the building. “This helps us to maintain a safe environment for our students and staff now and in the future,” said Westside Principal Jay Opperman. “The community support we continue to receive from alumni like Mr. Sturm is invaluable to enhance everything we offer at Westside.”

Opperman, Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas, Interim Board President Adam Yale and Westside Foundation Chairman Terry Kroeger were all speakers at the official dedication of the Robert B. Sturm Welcome Center, which Sturm attended in September. Kroeger, who attended Westside High around the same time Sturm did, noted his appreciation for Sturm’s generosity and leadership in inspiring others to invest in the district where so many found their start.

“I want to protect teachers, children and parents,” said Sturm, “I’m giving back to what was given to me at Westside.”

“Thank you Robert and supporters for your investment in the Welcome Center. Your commitment to the safety of the students, teachers, staff and community is truly appreciated by everyone associated with Westside Community Schools.” Tola Dada Assistant Principal Westside High School

Robert B. Sturm (Class of 1977)
W Club
Tack Architects
Westside Foundation


Robert B. Sturm
(Class of 1977)

W Club
TACK Architects
Westside Foundation

“Thank you Robert and supporters for your investment in the Welcome Center. Your commitment to the safety of the students, teachers, staff and community is truly appreciated by everyone associated with Westside Community Schools.”

Tola Dada
Assistant Principal
Westside High School



Westside Community Schools unveiled the Westside Family Resource Center in spring of 2020. This one-of-a-kind facility for a school district in the greater Omaha area is located in the Pipal Park Community Center at Westgate Elementary. It will provide food options, clothing and more resources to Westside students and their families at no cost to them. The Westside Family Resource Center is the first facility of its kind solely dedicated for a specific school district in the greater Omaha area. If interested in donating clothing or food to the Westside Family Resource Center, please email April Anderson at anderson.april@westside66.net.


Westside High School continues to invest in the performing arts. Now in its third year, the Westside Foundation, through the help of donors, has provided the high school with the first program of its kind in the state by offering vocal and instrumental lessons for students during the school day at no charge to the student or family. Providing these students with private lessons has made an enormous impact on the students’ and the school’s performing ensembles. The program involves students unable to take private lessons outside of school due to financial, time or other struggles with an emphasis on students in poverty. Since the program’s inception, the Vocal and Instrumental Lesson initiative has provided 2,500 lessons to students at the high school.


Westside High School is a leader in ACT testing, annually scoring above state average. In spring of 2020, 43 students scored 30 or higher (36 is the highest score), and 83 students scored 24 or higher. Westside is committed to doing even better and giving our students what they need to do their best on the ACT. The Westside Foundation is providing all Westside juniors ACT prep during the school day, and they earn a school credit. It’s at no cost to the students or their families. On top of this, if students are interested in taking the ACT a second time, it also will be provided at no cost to the student or family.

If interested in learning more about these projects or other initiatives supporting students and teachers, please contact us at 402-390-2133/westside.foundation@westside66.net



American National Bank Business Scholarship
Jack Kinney $750

Ben Silverstein Memorial Scholarship
Claire Benson $1,000

Bird Welding, Fab & Manufacturing Scholarship
Skylar Madison $1,500
Cameron Cody $1,500

Blazek Family Scholarship
Rebecka Holmstrom $1,000

Carla Beardmore Harding Memorial Scholarship
Reagan Fehr $500

Christy & Joe Ziskey Scholarship
Carl Brown $500

CS Perry Teacher Scholarship
Rylee Cain $1500
Lucy Kupka $1500

Emil F Vohoska Journalism Scholarship
Jonathan Snover $500

Fran Carr Memorial Scholarship
Mercedes Brown $500
Keelan Pleas $500

Glen L. Spaulding Scholarship
Maryam Akramova $500

Gary Ohm Westgate Scholarship
Siara Cramer $1,000

Vicki & John Hallett UNL Scholarship
Hannah-Kate Kinney $2,000

Howe/Karnes Journalism Scholarship
Claire Benson $500
Jonathan Snover $500

Jennifer Leigh Sayre Vocal Music Scholarship
Delaney Wetjen $1,000

John L. Hoich Paddock Road Scholarship
Jeremiah Kim $2,500

John Young Paddock Road Scholarship
Cynthia France $500

Joseph & Marge Moore Performing Arts Scholarship
Owen DeLaCruz $500

Bohdan Koszewski Scholarship
Jack Kinney $500

Lois Lucas Memorial Scholarship
Tyler Williams $1,000

Lou J. Miloni Scholarship
Jacob Vincentini $2,500

Masterson Scholar/Athlete Scholarship
Ella Wedergren $1,000
Jadin Booth $1,000

Michael C. Williams Business Scholarship
Isabella Tyler $1,000
Morgan Mumford $1,000

Mundy Family Journalism Scholarship
Julia Steiner $2,500
Malia Battafarano $2,500

Richard & Helen Kelley Scholarship
Hannah-Kate Kinney $2,500

Spirit of Service (Alumni)
Cynthia France $1,000
Dylan Folder $1,000

UNO Cooperating Teacher Scholarship
Elizabeth Grantham $1,000

Tom Carman Memorial Scholarship
Logan Brannan $1,000

W Club for Excellence Scholarship
Abigail Hellman $1,500
Theodore Jansen $1,500

Westside Connection Scholarship
Hannah-Kate Kinney $500

Westside High Eagle Scout Scholarship
Justin Sanders $500

Willsie Cap and Gown Scholarship
Meghan Maynard $500
Komlan Bokovi $500

Unlocking Answers (Alumni)
Cynthia France $1,000
Reese Pike $1,000

$46,750 Awarded through scholarships in 2020


From Superintendent Mike Lucas for the Foundation...

The Westside Foundation continues to be an amazing partner and support system for District 66. That has never been more evident than during this global pandemic. The amount of resources and support the foundation has made available to the students and staff of Westside Community Schools is simply amazing. We have much to do as we work to rebuild from the numerous challenges that COVID-19 has presented to us all. The future of Westside is bright because we have amazing alumni, dedicated teachers and staff, supportive community partners, outstanding students and families, and the Westside Foundation. Being a TEAM has never been more important.


Together Everyone Achieves More.



When the doors of our library unexpectedly closed in March, we had no idea what the future would bring and what impact COVID-19 would have on our school libraries. Once we were able to welcome students back, their faces lit up with the possibilities of new books and familiar experiences. However, many of those smiles quickly fell as they realized they had lost their library books from the previous year. As an elementary library team, we decided to waive all library fines for students. We did not want to penalize them for losing library materials due to the circumstances surrounding the abrupt ending to our school year. In doing so, we understood that each library would take a huge hit to our collection and budgets.

The librarians at Hillside, Loveland, Oakdale, Paddock, Rockbook, Sunset Hills, Swanson and Westgate requested financial support from the Westside Foundation to assist in rebuilding our library collections. With the foundation’s generous support, we were able to continue circulation with the eliminated stress of library fines, replace 594 well- circulated library books and increase student engagement in reading with loved titles.

All of the books donated by the foundation have a special plaque and have quickly left our library shelves to find their temporary home in the hands of a reader.


Rockbrook student (Hannah) had this to say about the Stembots that were donated to the school by the Westside Foundation:

“The robots are fun to build and drive. I like adding functions to the bots like building a scooper for the front of the bot.

“We are really luck to have people donate the Stembots so we can each have our own ... thank you!”


As part of a grant from the Westside Foundation and additional support from
the United Way, we were able to provide our students with the opportunity to visit our “Gator Bookshelf” several times in spring of 2021! Our students were able to select two or three books from the Gator Bookshelf, which was filled with hundreds of fiction and nonfiction titles. After selecting their books, students were able to take these new books home and continue to build their home library. We are grateful to get the chance to “Feed the Read” and embrace “Readers Are Leaders” with Gator Nation and support our goal to increase our reading achievement scores by increasing excitement about BOOKS!


One School One Book provided Gator Nation the opportunity during this year of challenges and social distance to come together as one school, one FAMILY. We kicked off One School One Book with several videos and clues posted in the building that hooked students. On the kickoff day, we revealed our title ... “Flora and Ulysses” and EVERY STUDENT received their own copy of the book! The characters in the book displayed perseverance, kindness and humor, which allowed our teachers and families to discuss these qualities with our students. Each night families read or listened to chapters read by our teachers together and then participated by answering trivia questions for prizes. The excitement was high and families appreciated the opportunity to connect with their children. We are incredibly grateful to the Westside Foundation for providing this opportunity to the students at Westgate Elementary!

The W Club was created in 2016 to help support the K-12 students and teachers of District 66 by providing funding for programs that further excellence and enhance collaboration. In just five short years, over $467,000 has been invested through the W Club! Thanks to all for their past support.

We are excited to announce that the following areas will be supported by the 2020 W Club funds: ACT Prep class for students, student identification technology, academic scholarships, Career Academy, Warrior culture, certified nursing scholarships, and much more. A full recap of the W Club projects are highlighted on our website (www.wcsfoundation66.org) and in the 2021 W Cub brochure that you will be receiving in May.

Please note, the W Club Campaign kicks off in May and you will have the opportunity to join the W Club campaign through December of 2021. If you wish to join the W Club today, please call 402-390-2133 or click the join today button below.

Thank you to our 2020 Co-Chairs:
Carissa (LeBron) and Tony Schrager (’95)
Jackie (Pfeifer) and Terry Kroeger (’80)
Karen (Olson, ’76) and Bob Sundell (’76)


Thank You For Your Support

Hall of Fame
Carolyn and Brian Halla*
Kayla and Chris Hawkins*
Sarah and Beau Konigsberg*
Barbara Stein Nelson*
Kristen and Jason Papenfuss*
Rotella’s Bakery
Michael and Carol Staenberg*

Meg and Nate Dodge*
Maren and Tom Hood*
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Clarkson and Emily Lauritzen*
D.J. and Lisa Rezac*
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Leslie and David Andersen
Brett and Stacey Atlas
Mogens and Cindy Bay*
Bekins Foundation*
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Nick and Niki Bermel*
Irvin and Susan Blumkin
Crystal and Brian Brislen*
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Judd and Traci Davies
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Joan Yaffe

*Renewal Member

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The mission of the Westside Early Childhood and Club 66 programs is to provide a safe, engaging educational environment for children ages 18 months through sixth grade. The program offers developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to grow and develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically with the support and guidance of competent and compassionate adults.


Toddler program for 18 months to age 3 (offered at Prairie Lane, Underwood Hills, and Westbrook). Preschool for 3 to 5-year-olds (offered at Oakdale, Pacific Heights, Prairie Lane, Rockbrook, Sunset Hills, Underwood Hills, Westbrook, and Westgate). Four-year-old program (offered at Pacific Heights, Paddock Road, Westbrook, and Westgate).


Before and after school care for children kindergarten through sixth grade (offered at Hillside, Loveland, Oakdale, Paddock Road, Prairie Lane, Rockbrook, Sunset Hills, Swanson, Westbrook, and Westgate).



To support the events or learn more, email


State-of-the-art technology. A mini-museum paying tribute to Westside golfers and moments spanning decades. One room inspiring greatness and passion for a game spanning 600 years.

It’s called The Swede Center: 1,800-square-feet-plus of golfing paradise that would awe golfing veterans and beginners alike. It’s located inside Westside High School and is the first of its kind in a public high school in the United States.

 This state-of-the-art facility was unveiled to Westside student athletes and coaches in January, and officially dedicated February 15, 2021.

The Swede Center was constructed in an unused area of the school where the high ceilings made it the perfect place for a golf simulator and facility. A golfer can play one hole or all 18 on some of the most famous courses in the world. In addition to the Roger Hoffman Warrior Simulator, the training center also includes areas to practice putting and chipping, the Grant Jabenis Warrior Hitting Bay, a locker room and the Froendt Family Golfer’s Lounge. Along with the high-tech golf equipment, the facility provides a history lesson in Westside golf highlighting past state and metro champions, both individuals and teams.

Named for Merrill “Swede” Carlson, The Swede Center at Westside High School was made possible entirely through donations (100% privately raised through the Westside Foundation), many from alumni, community members and parents. Sixty-one donors in all supported the project, including the Carlson family who spearheaded this project to provide an elite facility for Westside golfers, and to grow the game of golf with future generations. The girls and boys golf teams are already planning a Junior Warrior Golf Clinic for the district’s elementary schools, allowing younger students the opportunity to be fitted for clubs and practice in the facility at no charge to them or their families. For many children, including students at Westside’s four Title I schools, this might be the only opportunity they would have to experience the game of golf. Merrill Carlson himself faced challenges in his life due to financial issues, including being forced to leave college due to lack of funds. His son Scott (’75) hopes The Swede Center and a new scholarship trust of the same name will allow Westside students the opportunities his father did not have.

“The Swede Center will always be about the kids. Students, families and kids throughout the district will be given an opportunity to learn the great game of golf, and the Carlson family is honored to be part of such an inspiring project,” said Scott Carlson.

If interested in a tour, please email the Westside Foundation at westside.foundation@westside66.net.


Anglim Family
Rick Berkshire
Bonnett Family
Amy and Kris Brown Family
Jason and Stacey Bryant Family
Kelly and Kevin Buscher
Anne and Scott Carlson Family
Curzon Promotional Graphics
Kristi and Matt Davis Family
Adam and Katy DiPrima Family
Foresight Sports
Brett and Jackie Froendt
Mike and Katie Grier Family
Vicki and John Hallett Molly Hallett
Amy and Terry Hanna Family
Cindy and Scott Heider
Jeff, Stephanie and Jacob Hellman Family
Bob and Karen Hill
Hoffman Family

Inman, Topp and Kammandel Families
Jon and Grant Jabenis
Jasa Family
Lois Jensen
Kris and Dave Karnes Family
Kelly’s Carpet Omaha
Kevin Kerr
Robert and Myrna Krohn Family
Foundation Basil and May LaRoda II
Todd and Katey Lenczowski Family
Sarah and John Maaske
Made in the Shade Blinds
John H. and Jane Ellen Makari
Michael and Charlene McHugh
Dan C. McPhail
Miller Electric Company
Pocras Family
Jerry and Mary Jo (Palmesano) Pont
Prairie Construction Company
In Memory of Ryan Renner

Kyle and Mike Robino
Eric and Molly Schlegel Family
Sherwin Williams
Joe and Nancy Sloan
Annika Sorenstam Foundation
Southwest Greens
Fred and Patty Suarez Family
TACK Architects
Alison and Gregory Topp Family
Stanley M. Truhlsen Jr.
U.S. Kids Golf
Gianna Velardi
Volberding Family
W Club
Warrior Girls Golf Camp
Kim and Josh Weiss
Westside Foundation
Mark Wheeler, Class of 1977
Christy and Joe Ziskey
Barry Zoob Family


The addition of The Swede Center provided the high school an opportunity to renovate the Warrior Hall, which is the main entrance for our student-athletes lleading to the athletic locker rooms and the main gym. The Westside Foundation was able to provide much needed graphics and color throughout the atrium, tunnel and the pathway leading to the main gym. With the cool branding, Warrior red and black colors, highlights of our championships and red gameday lighting, it has provided a collegiate feel that our student-athletes and coaches absolutely love. Next time you are visiting the school, feel free to check out the best student-athlete pathway in a high school in the country!


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