2016 Westside Open

The 2016 Westside Open held on June 27 was a success in every way! It was a golfing success. It was a camaraderie success. It was a financial success. Full of support and friendly banter, 213 golfers hit the links.  Alumni, community members, elected officials, district employees and other professionals came out in full force to support Westside Community Schools.  Rob Owen (’87) served as chairman.

Kathy (Shaddy) Fridholm (‘72) played to “support the Alumni Association and the Foundation.” Kathy has fond memories of her time at Westside. She loved the open campus and modular schedule. Kathy said she enjoyed her days in high school and admitted, “I had fun, a little too much sometimes!” Memories continued to surface as people reconnected and were reunited through golf. Brian McQuire (’85) and Tucker Magid (’84) have remained friends since graduating from Westside and have frequently played in the event.

In addition to the strong showing of support, the banter was alive and well. Golfers, ever so hopeful to win that Ford Escape or Liberty Jeep egged each other on, many only to slice or hook the ball.  McMullen Ford and Baxter Auto Group Bellevue/LaVista were our hole-in-one sponsors.  The golf outing ended with a prime rib dinner sponsored by Koley Jessen and The Doug Riley Foundation. Over 40 businesses and patrons generously donated door prizes. Please check out our Facebook Page for more sponsors and photos.

The day is special because it brings so many people together to support Westside.  Next year’s Westside Open will be held Monday, June 26, 2017 at The Players Club.  Remember, “A bad day of golf always beats a good day of work!”  Come be a part of the fun.