The Little Theater Renovation

What did The Little Theater look like before the renovation project? 

Renderings of Proposed Changes: 

Fundraising Goal:  $240,000 (Successfully raised on time and on budget)

Donor Recognition:  There will be donor recognition signage by the main entrance highlighting the donors to this project.  To learn the donation requirements for recognition, please contact the Westside Foundation at 402-390-2133 or


Goal of the Little Theater Renovation:

  • Create a 21st Century Active Learning Classroom Ecosystem, introducing the optimal balance of teaching, technology, and space.
  • Introduce flexible ways for students to collaborate and learn through peer-to-per constructive interaction.
  • Update technology to better align with one-to-one teaching practices.
  • Increase instructional opportunities beyond a lecture space.

What does Victory look like when the project is completed?

  • A premier classroom space which rivals local universities in both technology and design

How will these enhancements better the student/teacher day to day experience?

A diverse blend of the following furniture options will create a learning space offering students choice and control. This space will host several options to support various modes of learning to optimize student and teacher engagement. Different types of furniture, as noted below will be layered and positioned throughout the space:

  • Flexible seating:
    • Mobile seating enabling students to collaborate more effectively.
    • Seating with more efficient maintenance and repair compared to fixed auditorium seating. Partly, in due to extended warranties covering product and service.
  • Group tables throughout the theater:
    • Create an environment in which students can collaborate more efficiently.
    • Optimize work surface space compared to current sidearm desks.
    • Tables with more efficient maintenance and repair compared to fixed auditorium seating. Partly, in due to extended warranties covering product and service.
  • Collaboration areas:
    • Increase flexibility of the space for both lectures as well as more interactive instruction.
    • Create areas around the perimeter and on the stage area for use by smaller groups. This will promote student consideration of this space regardless of gathering size. This will include a furniture range from lounge seating to group worktables and flexible task seating.


  • Carpet - Squares
    • Easier to replace if damaged
    • Update interior design and incorporate school colors


  • New color scheme throughout the room incorporating Westside’s colors
  • Incorporate Westside’s logo
  • Enhanced functional design promotes student awareness of faculty expectations of interaction and engagement.
  • Have space better match the aesthetics of the other areas within the entrance of the school
  • Eliminate carpet on the walls

Instructional Technology

  • To utilize the district’s 1:1 technology, we need to provide the necessary technology, etc.
  • Up to date technology to do the following
    • Increase the ability to present
    • Allow for telecommunication and extend the learning opportunities outside of the physical classroom
    • Mirror the technology that new teachers learn to leverage in their teacher training at local universities
  • Power source/USB pods throughout the room