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WHS Reunion
planning committee guidelines

The Alumni Association agrees to publicize the date in its publications, and agrees to provide existing addresses for members of the class. The Class agrees to provide the Alumni Association with copies of all materials sent out to it alums, and to provide all address updates after the reunion.

Event Considerations
  • Develop small working committee of 4-6 (or more) people.
  • Select reunion weekend date, you can do only one day or all three.
  • Contact the Alumni Association for your class list and divide the missing class members among committee and try to locate
  • Advise classmates to check with the Alumni Association to make sure their contact information is update and includes their email address
  • Check with the Alumni Association to find out if your class has funds that have been set aside.
  • The Alumni Association will provide A $500 interest free loan* to cover mailing, costs, deposits, printing and other expenses associated with a reunion, if needed.
Schedule Considerations
  • Friday Events: Determine venue and pricing
  • Saturday events: Determine venue and pricing
  • Sunday Events: Determine venue and pricing
  • Tour of the high school: Contact the Principal at 402-343-2601
  • Facebook/webpage set up by reunion committee
    Create a Facebook Reunion Group or Page. Check out guidelines here. Share your Reunion Facebook page with the Westside Alumni Association’s Facebook page
  • Mailings: A Save the Date sent out four months prior to reunion. RSVP & Invitation mailed out two months prior to reunion.

* The loan amount will be repaid to the Westside Alumni Association, with no interest thereon, prior to the scheduled date of the reunion.

* In the event that the above amount is not paid back prior to the reunion, the principle amount shall draw interest at the rate of 5% per annum until paid, and the signer agrees to personally guarantee repayment of the loan until paid.

2024 Reunions… Coming Soon!