Scholarships and Awards

The Westside Foundation and the Westside Alumni Association are proud to award scholarships and honorariums each year to graduating seniors. The Westside Alumni Association awards as many as six scholarships to our graduates annually. Students can contact the WHS Guidance Office to begin applying for these scholarships after the first semester of their senior year. The Westside Foundation administers funds for donor-established scholarships and honorariums. Student scholarship awards are presented in May at the Honors Convocation and staff awards are presented in June at the annual staff closing meeting. 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 in the spring of 2020, the Westside Foundation was not able to grant some of the staff awards. 

Westside Foundation Scholarship Recipients 2020-21 School Year

Foundation Scholarships Recipient 
73 "Grit" Scholarship$2,500Mina Testolin
American National Bank$750Jillian Snow
Ben Silverstein Memorial$1,000Madalyn DiPrima
Bird Welding, Fab & Manufacturing Scholarship$1,500Isaiah Parker
Bird Welding, Fab & Manufacturing Scholarship$1,500Ben Radica
Carla Beardmore Harding$500Emma Oquendo
Merrill "Swede" Carlson Warrior Scholarship$2,000Ben Radica
Merrill "Swede" Carlson Warrior Scholarship$2,000Kaitlyn Hanna
Merrill "Swede" Carlson Warrior Scholarship$1,000Will Hurtado
Merrill "Swede" Carlson Warrior Scholarship$1,000Aayushi Chaudhary
Merrill "Swede" Carlson Warrior Scholarship$500Jacob Hellman
Merrill "Swede" Carlson Warrior Scholarship$500Portia Lenczowski
Merrill "Swede" Carlson Warrior Scholarship$500Madalyn DiPrima
Christy & Joe Ziskey Scholarship$500Connor Zimmerman
CSPerry Scholarship$1,500Aubrey Stastny
CSPerry Scholarship$1,500Kate Beckman
CSPerry Scholarship$1,500Lily Goc
Emil F Vohoska Journalism $500 
Fran Carr Memorial$500Lily Moore
Fran Carr Memorial$500Natalie Bratetic
Glen L Spaulding$500Aayushi Chaudhary
Gary Ohm Westgate$1,000Emily Fast
Vicki & John Hallett$2,000Braeden Haptonstoll
Vicki & John Hallett$2,000Kyron Harris
Howe/Karnes Journalism Scholarship$1,000Audrey Persaud
Logan & Renae Kirkland Scholarship$1,000Luca Gailloux
Jennifer Leigh Sayre Vocal Music Scholarship$1,000Mara Summers
John Hoich$2,500Lindsay Tierra
Joseph & Marge Moore Performing Arts $500.00AnnaLeesa Telford
Bohdan Koszweski Scholarship$500Aayushi Chaudhary
Lois Lucas$1,000John Moseman
Lois Veach Culinary Arts Scholarship$500Cedrian Haywood
Lou Miloni $2,500Cade Haberman
Masterson$1000 x 2Brett Thorrell
Masterson$1000 x 2Logan Kuehne
Maryan Stadie Loveland School Scholarship$500Andrew Schilken
Michael C. Williams Business Scholarship$1,000Elizabeth Harding
Michael C. Williams Business Scholarship$1,000Anna Henningsen
Mundy Family Journalism Scholarship$10,000Angelina Patavina
Richard & Helen Kelley$2500 for 4 yearsBrooke Hester
Tom Carman Memorial Scholarship$1,000Kyron Harris
W Club for Excellence Scholarship$1,500Will Eikenbary
W Club for Excellence Scholarship$1,500Victoria Chin
Westside High Eagle Scout - Polk$500Elliott Mitchell
Willsie Cap & Gown$500Kyron Harris
Willsie Cap & Gown$500Riley Van Ginkel
Westside Connection Scholarship$500David Simon
UNO Cooperating Teacher$1,000 
Staff Award Recipient 
Harley Schrager Outstanding Coach Award $6,000Brett Froendt
Harley Schrager Other Head Coach Award $4,000Bret Williams
Phillip and Terri Schrager Distinguished Teacher Award$12,500Jeremy Stoll
Phillip and Terri Schrager Distinguished Teacher Award$12,500Mary McPadden
Westside Foundation Staff Scholarship (UNO expenses) Certified$500Molly McMeekin
Westside Foundation Staff Scholarship (UNO expenses) Certified$500Allison Wisniewski
Westside Foundation Staff Scholarship (UNO expenses) Classified$500Garret Roberts
Westside Foundation Staff Scholarship (UNO expenses) Classified$500Ahren Schneider
Dick Lundquist Teaching Award$500Anne Johnson
Dick Lundquist Teaching Award$500Laurie Welch
Robert Adams Memorial Scholarship $500Forrest Selvey
BRAVO Award$500Jason Fry
BRAVO Award$500Tammy Lewis
Administrative Assistant$500Connie Schieber
Building Services$500Brian Turner
Administrative Assistant$500Courtney Veldhuis
Nutrition Services$500Lanessa Lehr
Building Services$500Frank Parker
Building Services$500Tim Rocz
Special Education EA$500Louie Wilson
Nutrition Services$500Rosa Caro
Education Assistant$500Hannah Carr
Education Assistant$500Emily Asche