WHAT IS THE W CLUB? In five years, more than $467,000 has been raised through W Club for students and teachers! The Westside Alumni Association and Westside Foundation joined forces in 2016 to create the W Club—an official support group recognized by Westside Community Schools.  The W Club mission is to contribute to the advancement of District 66 to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide Funding to support the continuance of educational, artistic and athletic excellence for
  • our children and the community.
  • Support Programs where district funds are not available.
  • Recognize Excellence through student scholarships and teacher/staff awards.
  • Enhance Collaboration of those within our community by providing information about Westside Foundation, alumni and District 66 schools.

Join us and hundreds of other members! Your membership in the W Club will serve to support the tradition of Warrior excellence and make an impact on the future.  Please keep in mind that if you did not attend Westside Community Schools, you can still support the W Club.  W Club membership is open to anyone interested in supporting students, teachers and education.  If you know other District 66 alumni, parents, district residents or friends of the district, please let them know they can become a W Club member! For more information, please click on the brochure or please contact us at 402-390-2133 or

2021 Co-Chairs

  • Katie (Welch, 88') and Doug Henningsen (’88)
  • Karen (Pippitt) and Randy Horn (’75)
  • Lindsey (Madson, ’93) and Scott Semrad

2020 Co-Chairs

  • Carissa (LeBron) and Tony Schrager (’95)
  • Jackie (Pfeifer) and Terry Kroeger (’80)
  • Karen (Olson, ’76) and Bob Sundell (’76)

2020 W Club Goal– By the Numbers…

  • $147,506 Raised (new record!)
  • 414 Members (new record!)
  • 34 States represented by members

Programs/Initiatives supported by the 2020 W Club Campaign:

  • W Club Scholarships
  • CNA Scholarships/Certifications
  • Student Identification Technology
  • ACT Prep and Improvement
  • Warrior Sports Hall Renovation
  • Career Academy
  • School Snack/Energy Pantry for Students
  • Warrior Culture
  • And Much More

2019 Co-Chairs:

  • Wendi (Sargent, ’95) and Scott Kroeger (’94)
  • Patty (DiBaise, ’81) and C.L. Landen (’76)
  • Tangdall Sisters (Laurie Kemp, ’73 and Kris Greenwald, ’86)

2019 W Club – By the Numbers…

  • $110,000 Raised (new record!)
  • 334 Members (new record!)
  • 31 States represented by members

Programs/Initiatives supported by the 2019 W Club Campaign:

  • W Club Scholarships
  • CNA Scholarships/Certifications
  • District Speaker Fund
  • New High School Entrance and Welcome Center
  • iSTEM After School Program
  • Back-to-School Celebration
  • Westside Golf Training Center
  • ACT Prep and Improvement
  • School Snack/Energy Pantry
  • Warrior Culture
  • Physics Going Wireless
  • Westgate/United Way Book Fund

2018 Campaign Co-Chairs:

  • Kathryn and David Anderson (Class of 2000)
  • Stephanie and David Cota (Class of 1993 and 1992)
  • Marilyn and Bob Henderson (Class of 1967)

2018 W Club - By the Numbers...

  • $91,295 Raised *new record
  • 301 Members *new record
  • 31 States represented by members

Programs/Initiatives supported by the 2018 W Club Campaign:

  • High School Courtyard Expansion
  • Creation of Two (2) Annual W Club Academic Scholarships
  • Project Clean Kids throughout the District
  • High School Digital WIFI Network Enhancements
  • School Snack/Energy Pantry at High School
  • Sunset Hills Athletic Field Enhancements
  • ACT Prep
  • Athletic Performance Technology & Security Materials
  • Warrior Culture Week
  • CNA Scholarships & Certifications
  • Early Childhood Program
  • STEAM Education throughout elementary schools

2017 Campaign Co-Chairs:

  • Katie (Hamer) and Ryan Anglim (Class of 1993)
  • Lisa (Murante) and DJ Rezac (Class of 1989)
  • Amy (Schlesinger) and John Kampfe (Class of 1975)

2017 W Club - By the Numbers...

  • $65,528 Raised (49% increase from previous year)
  • 185 Members (63% increase from previous year)
  • 26 States represented by members

Programs supported by the 2017 W Club Campaign:

  • The C.L. Retelsdorf Little Theater Renovation
  • Writer's Workshops throughout the District
  • STEAM Education

2016 W Club - By the Numbers...

  • $44,000 Raised
  • 144 Members

To become a W Club member, please click here
Note: The W Club membership is under the Foundation category.