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The Foundation’s annual appeal was created in 2016 to generate additional financial support for District 66. Since inception, the W Club has raised over $890,000 benefiting students and teachers throughout Westside Community Schools. 

2024 W Club Co-ChairsWhy give to W-Club

Kelly (Schnauber ’94) and Kevin Buscher
Ann and Dennis Christiansen
Ashley and Jarrod (’96) James

Join a community of alumni, parents of alumni, current parents and friends who support the Future of Westside. Make an impact today!

2023 W Club Members

HALL OF FAME ($5,000 and Above)

A.J. Beauregard*
Carolyn and Brian Halla*
Kayla and Chris Hawkins*
Jan and Stephen Papenfuss*

WARRIOR ($2,500 and Above)

Ann and Dennis Christiansen*
Nancy and Mitch Cubrich*
Cindy Heider*
Thomas R. and Maren R. Hood Charitable Fund*
Wende and John Kotouc*
Jackie and Terry Kroeger*
Emily and Clark Lauritzen*
Kristen and Jason Papenfuss*
Teresa and David Rogers*
Betiana and Todd Simon*
Carol and Michael Staenberg*

SQUIRE ($1,000 and Above)

Katie and Ryan Anglim*
Stacey Atlas*
Cindy and Mogens Bay*
Susan and Irvin Blumkin*
Shannon and Brian Boerner*
Crystal and Brian Brislen*
Anne and Scott Carlson*
Susan and Bill Cutler*
Melissa Weber and Jay Dandy*
Patrick Dibiase*
Friedland Family Foundation*
Danielle and Jeff Gordman*
Dan Hamann*
Karen and Kim Hawkins*
Karen and Randy Horn*
Nicole and Rick Kelley*
Sarah and Beau Konigsberg*
Kara and Kyle Krehbiel*
Patty and C.L. Landen*
Trenton Magid
Katie and Mike McNamara*
Dan McPhail*
Julie Olson*
Jessie and Dean Rasmussen*
Melissa and Pat Regan*
Lisa and DJ Rezac*
Pete Ricketts*
Sue and Steve Seline
Sharp Family
Ann and Ken Stinson*
Ron Wax*
WHS Class of 1960

SHIELD ($500 and Above)

Kathryn and David Anderson*
Bob Belgrade*
Annie and Ken Bird*
Brent Burmood
Cathie Conley*
Susanne (Dempsey) and Rod Cook*
Linda Daugherty*
Robert Duncan*
Charlene and Mike Fuchs*
Lynne Friedel Gellman*
Mary Lynn and Randall Hallett*
Cathy and Ron Hinckley*
Ann and Scott Hofmann
Pamela and Bernie Inbody*
Randi Friedel Jablin*
Channing Johnson*
Amy and John Kampfe*
Kevin Kerr*
Gary R. Kinloch*
Diny and Jim Landen*
Lippincott Family*
Kelley and Thomas Maxwell*
Abby (Rowell) McLeay*
Kara and Troy Plumb*
Amie and Bill Schellpeper*
Amy and Matt Schuman*
Lindsey and Scott Semrad*
Michelle Sullivan*
Maureen and Bob Toy*
Samantha and Andrew Wahl*
Wendy and Beau Ward*
Steven M. Williams MD*
James and Ruth Woodland*
Sarah and Adam Yale*

LANCE ($250 and Above)

Emily and Trent Allen*
Emily Andres*
Brent Bierman*
Amanda and Ryan Blumkin*
Esther Brabec*
Beth and Matt Breunsbach*
Deb and Sam Brower*
Christy Smith Browning
Angel and Dave Carl*
Sarah and Bill Carver*
Phyllis and Norm Choat*
Sylvia B. Cohn
Mary Beth (Jensen) Connolly*
Valerie Davis*
Terri and Jack Diesing, Jr.*
Lynn and Ed Fleming*
Jamie and Zac Gemar*
Jeffrey Glass*
Whitney and Dave Goldner*
Cathy and Steve Haney
Kelly and Bill Hanley*
Michelle and David Hartley*
Sally and John Hudnall*
Chrisi and John Hughes*
Maria and Dean Jacobsen*
Laura and John Iliff*
Wendi and Scott Kroeger
Janet and Michael Kroeger*
KSB Law*
Cathy and Rick MacInnes*
Joe Meyers*
Tammi and Vic Monson*
Stacy Ashley Murphy and Mike Murphy*
Faye and Kevin Nelson
Sandy and Dave Parker*
Jeff Platt*
Justin Sanders*
Pam and Greg Sears
Sheri and Bob Shonka*
Patty and Fred Suarez*
Athene Alsmeyer Tenney*
Lawrence Thomas
Sarah and Tim Weller*
Valerie and Ken West*
Nancy and Warren Whitted, Jr.*
Lareeni and Walter Wood*

VICTORY ($100 and Above)

Rheta and Carl Adrian
Steven R. Anderson*
Cheryl and Greg Armitage*
Sue and Marty Barnhart*
Rory Berigan*
Jay Bonham
Elisa Booth*
Mike Butler*
Kelly and Robyn Caverzagie*
Marc Chauche*
Linda Cheatham*
Erika and Colin Conces
Traci and Bradley Copple*
Becky and Steven Curlis*
Mary and Hal Daub
Emily and Joe Davis*
David DeBuse*
Debbi (Schreiner) and Gregg Dimmick*
Dede McFayden Donahue and Pat Donahue*
Dodie Douglas*
Mark Dudley*
Christine Dwyer*
William Eilers*
John “Mike” Eisenhart*
Lisa and Gary Epstein
Gail Erwin
Jacquie Estee
Nancy and Butch Ethington
Susie and Ken Ferrarini
Monique (Mediratta) Forman*
Tamara Heinson and Doak Fowler*
Duncan Fraser*
Cecily Frazier*
Rick Freshman*
Chuck Garlock*
Theresa and Thomas Golder*
Kay Lynn and John Goldner*
Michael R. Goodman*
Sandy Gordon*
Kris Greenwald
William Guild*
Amy and Terry Hanna
Debbie Hanslip
Rebecca and Brinker Harding
Anna and Kenton Hargis*
Cari and John Harris*
Courtney and Jason Hellman
Angie and Michael Hempel
Marilyn and Robert Henderson*
Katie and Doug Henningsen*
Maryann, Rob and Nick Henrichs*
Michael Herman*
Matt Herzog*
Shari Hofschire*
Jill Hollander*
Megan and Conner Holt*
Annie Hovendick*
Kayla Kravchuk Howard
David S. Humphry*
Harold H. Hunter*
Ashley Walters and David Ingvoldstad*
Sherry Kaiman*
Ann and Marty Kauffman*
Nancy Kerr*
Megan Kipling*
Janet and Randy Koski*
Chad Kracher*
Eileen Finn Kroeger*
Ann and Rick Kutilek*
Adair and Daniel Leddy
Joan and Eric Lindquist*
Angelique Barone and Mike Lucas*
Scott Mactier*
Laura and Cory Mann*
Tom Mariucci*
Courtney and David Martin*
Dana and Chris Mathiasen*
Jean and Mick McCarthy*
Jenny and Scott Meyerson*
Hazel Michajliczenko*
Laura (Havelka) Miller*
Kody Moffatt*
Bobbie and Bruce Moore*
Cynthia Zurmuhlen and Garet Moravec*
Mary Morrissey*
Karen and Paul Mullen*
Barbara Stein Nelson*
Debralee Nelson*
Kristi Newcomb*
Carla and Gary Ohm*
Scott Olson*
Jeremy Passer*
Jessica and Dennis Pate*
Peter Pellegrino
Kim and Gary Petersen*
Curt Peterson*
Crystal Piatt
Nancy and Jeff Quine*
Roxy and Scott Radicia
Maryanne Ricketts*
Sarah and Adrian Rider*
Terri and Fred Rieser
Nancy Rohwer*
Bob Saffer
Donald Salyards*
Schrager Foundation*
Mitch Schuler*
Betsy and Doug Schuring*
Rich Secor*
Shelley and Kent Siemers*
Betty Simmons
Doris Sladek*
Kevin Sladovnik*
Jim Smith*
Joan Anderson Smith*
Jan Stevens*
James Turpen
Mary and Todd Urosevich*
Meagan and John Van Gelder*
Amy Vifquain
Mr. and Mrs. John Vilks*
Village Needleworks*
Diana Myers Wagner*
Mary and Timothy Wahl*
Michelle and Scott Warner
Joy and Gordon Watanabe*
Dana and David Wear*
Heather Welander
Judy and James Wigton*
Lori and Stephen Williams*
Sue and Brea Woodson*
Becky and Brian Worrall*
Kathe Keyes Yakus*
Samantha and Clark Young
Sara and John Young*
Jennifer and Rob Zatechka*

LOYALTY ($50 and Above)

Cheri and Paul Andrews
Lance Antonson*
Diane and Doug Barton
Carol and Steven Bloch*
Rolando Garcia and David Boyer*
Gary Chasen*
Susan and Kirby Clarke
Joan Daughton
Joan and John Ferguson*
Kjirsten (Jessen) Finnegan*
Alison Fox*
Jane Lyman Grady*
Mary Jo Losen Greenup*
Robert Hardt*
Jeanne (Kutilek) Huelskamp
Sharon Marvin Igel and Dr. Don Igel
Sammi Kaiser*
John LaRandeau*
Kerri Lewis*
Marilyn Marsh
Laurie and Paul Meyers
Patrick Moylan*
Karen and Larry Nelsen*
Dianne Kammerer Polly
Jeannette Randone
Grace Willing Sadler
Stanley Saklar*
Jackie and Joe Schaffner*
Dr. Susan J. Schwarz*
Jeannine and Roger Sindt*
Purnima Singh
Sally Stalnaker*
Judi (Mason) Stohlmann*
Kenneth Jay (KJ) Westenburg
Debra (Beier) Young*


Dean Arkfeld*
Carol L. and David A. Beavers
Kathy (Musil) Claffey*
Jennifer Glazer*
Sandy and Michael Jernigan*
Wendy  Kirkle*
Charles Lang*
John Melton*
Anne Miller
Terry Richmond*
Kay and Robert Schmitt*
Julie and Travis Schmitz
Linda Stroud*
Jan and Tony Villotta*
Joan Yaffe*
*Renewal Member