1101 South 90th Street
Omaha, NE 68124

Supporting excellence
for our students and our community.

The Westside Foundation raises private funds to support the continuing improvement of educational programs offered by Westside Community Schools. The Foundation provides student scholarships, teacher recognition, classroom grants, facilities improvement, and other support where tax dollars are not available. Supporters and donors include alumni, district residents, businesses, teachers, staff, parents, and friends who share a belief that a strong public education is essential to the quality of life and future well being of our community.

Over the past 10 years the Foundation has raised money to renovate the football stadium, build tennis courts, a new baseball field and update the auditorium at Westside High School, and add a new auditorium at Westside Middle School.

In 2014, the Foundation raised $800,000 for the new Westside stadium entrance project and Champions Plaza. The new stadium entrance includes new restrooms and concessions stand, ticket booth and a picnic area. Champions Plaza recognizes all the state champion teams and athletes, as well as honoring Tom Pate with a memorial. These improvements benefit the District and the metropolitan area as they provide top-notch facilities for numerous local, state and national events. For example, several of the College World Series teams have practiced on the Westside baseball field, as well as football teams such as USC utilizing the football field

We are currently working on projects that will continue to bring excellence to our great school district for students and teachers.  To learn more about our current projects, please click here.